Take Care of me Lambie

The take care of me Lambie is the perfect gift for your little Girl that could literally foster your child to become a doctor or health care professional. It talks, its cute and comes with a variety of cute gadgets that will have your little one feeling like a real doctor as she checks up on her little Lambie who will talk back and interact as well as moves and almost seem as if she is alive.

Who is this for?

This toy is ideal for Girls ages 3 years old and over, especially if they are into becoming a doctor or a Nurse this is a great educational and fun toy that was creatively constructed.

Whats included in the Box?

take care of me lambie

Inside the box you will get a :

  • Lambie Doll
  • Stethoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Otoscope
  • Syringe
  • sticker bandages

Also included with the take care of me Lambie is a cool instruction pamphlet that comes in the package which is a nice and thoughtful addition.

The Lambie Doll

take care of me lambie

The doll itself looks really nice and is well made as expected by a Disney product they always seems to know what kids like. The pink Bow on the head of the Take Care of me Lambie is also a nice touch with her pink skirt. One of the best features I like about this great kids toy is that Lambie says over 50 different interactive responses which really keeps things fresh and interesting for kids.

Another good feature about this plush doll is that she has a whole variety of cool accessories that I have outlined above such as:

Included Accessories

A Pink Stethoscope

The stethoscope that’s included is really nice and is a nice shade of pink with a picture of Lambie on one end with a band aid and the other end is subbed with cool patterns and the ear piece on the other end.


Next we have the thermometer that has some cute hearts and can be used to check her temperature. One end has a small round probe and the other has three sized hearts that mimic buttons on the handle end. On the handle there is also an impression of Lambie with hearts.

The Syringe

Is used to give the Lambie her shots as you don’t want her to get sick now¬† and it is colored in two (2) shades of pink and consistent with the design, it also has an imprint of doc mcstuffins lambie on it.


Next we have the Pink Otoscope which is used to check her ears, one end is hollowed out and the other ends in a heart shape and on the handle you have the same familiar imprinted patterns of Lambie.


Last you get two (2) cool sticker sheets with band aids with hearts and a cool picture on each. These can be used on Lambie when she has a cut or a bruise or as its lovingly called a boo-boo.

She Speaks

Lambie is so cool and cute and she will say phrases such as: “Hello Doc is it time for my check up?” and will also express sentiments such as she is not feeling well in a cute voice that will all but make your heart melt. She will even ask you to help her feel better and thats where the accessories comes into play. She will indicate the affected area and it will be up to your child to check the associated area with the correct accompanying medical tools as outline above which is really nice. Her heart will even light up and you will even hear the interactive beating of her heart sounds emitting from Lambie which makes the experience even seem more realistic.

You can also interact with take care of me lambie by tapping her belly or her hand and she will speak, the best thing she almost seems like she is alive as her eyes and ears will move along with her mouth. She will even break into song when she feels better.


Lambie is a very cool and interactive toy that any Girl that receives her as a gift will really fall in love with this really cute character which is a good thing and best of all you are fostering good traits and principles into your child that will one day probably lead her to a very rewarding career, but even if that’s not the case this is hands down a great toy that’s sure to please even the most picky kids that you you may encounter out there as this is one cute and interactive toy that’s worth getting for a child that you love and care about.

Why you should get the take care of me Lambie?

  1. Its very educational for young girls.
  2. Super interactive and fun.
  3. Really cute and comes with cool accessories.
  4. Well designed and thought out.

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