Minecraft for Xbox One and PS4

Ask just about any kid what is the Game that they want the most and I am sure you will find that Minecraft is up there in the top 10 list easily. The Game has taken the world by storm and right now you can get it for either console whether that be Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. The game from the perspective of a person who has never played might seem very crude and simple but what really makes this game shine is its mechanics which allows players a variety of freedoms. One such freedom is the ability to build just about anything you can think up.Players have spent countless hours creating grand monuments and creations that boggle the mind which is one of the lures of Minecraft.

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Why Minecraft?

It’s all baby steps as you learn the basic mechanics of the game and build your first dwelling. Soon after you will be pursuing bigger and more ambitious builds which is one of the main captivating aspects of the game which made it really popular. There are even masters and other dangers lurking in the game which keeps you the player on your feet at all times.

Couple that with the various things you can build that’s not scripted and you have a wining recipe for a legendary game. Exploration is another big theme in this world as you venture into unknown regions and collect the spoils of your journey. There is also a very robust crafting system that takes some time to learn but once you do you can become a master crater.

The World of Minecraft


The world is build out of blocks or cubes and you the player can shape and mold these as you will. There are many things to do in the world as you grow. There is plenty to see and even more to do, whant to build a castle why not, anything is possible in Mindcraft.

There are many modes such as survival where you are placed into various situations and left up to your wits and creativity to survive and forage and survive. Everything in the game is earned and you get a sense of accomplishment as you get over each hurdle.

Nightfall and Exploration

When darkness fall then the baddies attack and once you learn the rope you will be able to easily keep them at bay and under control as with most games. You might die a few times in-game but you will eventually get it.

As you explore in search of resources you will discover new areas especially beneath the ground which is full of mystery and creatures.Watch out for zombies or they will get you.You will fashion torches and tools to aid you in your quest and help with survival. As your crafting skills grow you can create from simple to elaborate systems such as automated rails and much more.

Multi Player

Everything is cooler with friend and you can play along with additional friends in this world in split screen or if you prefer there is an online mode as well. You can join other players worlds for more fun.


Minecraft is a really fun game that steps away from the traditional staples of video games such as super smooth graphics and violence and embraces a world of creativity and building in which you are only limited by your imagination. This is a refreshing twist in games that has been a long-awaited frontier. Parents can comfortably buy this for their Kids as Mindcraft promotes exploration and kids creativity. With that been said I highly recommend this game as a Kids gift or just your child’s next video game.

It offers hours of fun and even more chances for kids to interact with their friends in clean and safe fun. They will also comeback to this game time and time again unlike their other games you might get them. Do feel free to grab a copy of this game for your child’s respective console.

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