Light Up LED Soccer Ball

The Light Up LED Soccer Ball has got to be the most unusual and coolest toy that you have ever seen for kids. It has 2 Hi-Bright LED Lights that produces a vibrant glow in the dark effect that can be clearly seen. It sure to amaze and draw attention easily. Kids will Love it especially if they are into sports.You can play with it in the dark and it can be seen from a far distance of a few hundred yards away.

Light Up LED Soccer Ball

The ball is great for kids, for shooting trick videos or for training it works just like a regular Size 5 ball.It can be played with as a Soccer ball or any other game that usually involves the use of a ball of this type and size.The ball itself is white and Orange and its best effects can be seen in the dark.

How does it Work?

The Light Up LED Soccer Ball does not have an on and off switch as the LED is impact activated, meaning as soon as you start playing with the ball or bouncing it around it will light up. When you are not playing with it the LED turns off to save power.The LEDs that allows the ball to glow are deep within the ball. Its battery-powered and the batteries can be swapped out once they are depleted.You do get a starter set of batteries.

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What is the Ball made of?

The ball is created by GlowCity and is made of wound Nylon. This is also a Size 5 standard ball that’s very durable and can be treated as a regular soccer ball. The only major difference from any other size 5 ball is that it can glow in the dark or light up. You receive the ball in a deflated state and you will need to pump it up. Batteries are included and as mentioned can be replaced as needed.Having some control over when the ball lights up would have been nice but its not really a deal breaker.

Light Up LED Soccer Ball

Who is this product for?

Being a Size 5 ball its of average size and not too small or too big.Ideally this is a kids gift for 2 year olds and over. They would have the most fun from a toy such as this. But its flexible for adults as well. Although the main focus of this product and recommending it is as a kids gift especially for a boy and can work for girls as well. It helps if they are into sports or generally to get them outside and playing in the backyard or at the park.


What can I say where this Light Up LED Soccer Ball toy really shines is in the wow factor. It will always draw attention and its something many other kids and parents do not see everyday. So if you take this out especially late evening into the night when other kids and parents are around they will be impressed and ask where you got this item. Kids will be drawn to it and for that reason alone its worth the cost. I love it as its promotes exercise and keeps the kids healthy and gets them off the couch out and playing and interacting.

So if you are considering this as a gift for a kid then you have just hit the jackpot as they will definitely love it. You might even find yourself not too soon getting an extra as the first was so durable and awesome.

Why should you buy this Ball?

  1. Its very durable and works just like a real ball.
  2. Looks really good at night or in the dark.
  3. Very attractive, kids tend to love it.
  4. Comes highly rated you wont find a better version of this ball.

Why you may skip this:

1.Ball comes deflated and needs pumping.

2.You cant turn the light effect off or on as you want.

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