LEGO Technic Quad Bike

The LEGO Technic Quad Bike is quite the cool Lego set for kids as it comes with an impressive 148 pieces set which makes for a very good-looking Bike which when assembled has very large wheels and all the features of a ATV or all terrain vehicle Lego style. The exterior is covered with a lot of cool stickers which compliments the overall color scheme of the Lego Technic quad. On the inside you can see the engine which is a nice touch showing that Lego did not skip on the details, otherwise the under section has a lot of space but its well hidden and does not take away from the overall functionality of the device.

LEGO Technic Quad Bike

Lego Technic Quad Bike 42034

Overall the design is quite colorful and a feature boys will find attractive and appealing, there are also well placed handle bars on the Quad bike which looks nice. I really like how durable it is so you can be rest assured that it can survive the kids and a serious play session.

Pull it Back and see it go!

LEGO Technic Quad Bike

A cool feature is the Pull back motor that’s found in most toy cars where you place it on a flat surface and simply pull it back a few inches and let it go to see it run across the floor. For something this small it can run really well and fast which is something the kids will love trust me on this one and the large wheels really come into play here as they allow the LEGO Technic Quad Bike to sit firmly on the ground as it zooms across the floor back and forth.

You can also pull it back a few times which will build up power for longer distances once you set it free. When you reach the maximum build up after enough draw back you will hear a clicking sound and that means it has built up enough energy and once its down on the floor the back wheels will spin rapidly and allow the Quad bike to shoot across the floor.


Overall the LEGO Technic Quad Bike is the type of Gift that little boys will adore, its well put together and will not fall apart prematurely and is a solid product from Lego that’s worth the minimal investment.This toy is fun to play with and can work well with others toys, its best features are its great speed, great design with nice sturdy and big tires.

LEGO Technic Quad Bike
Price: $45.94
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