LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack makes for the perfect gift for kids so that they can have endless hours of fun playing with a mix of there favorite characters in Lego form on their Gaming console of choice. The possibilities are endless with this starter pack as kids can bring to life like never before their favorite characters by placing them on the Lego toy pad and the cool thing is that this Game is so much fun as you can build or redesign the classic vehicles of your characters as you like for playing with your Game console of choice which can be either the Xbox, PlayStation or WiiU which is great as it works with existing stuff that they own.

Plus when you get them this Lego Dimensions starter pack even if newer expansions or starter packs are release these and older packs will work even with the new sets which adds to the value you will be getting with these interactive toys.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack


LEGO Dimensions

In the Game you can play as the Lego version of any of your favorite characters that your kids have come to love over the years such as the Wizard Gandalf , Batman the Dark Knight, and other notable characters. The real fun is that characters that would never meet normally can be combined in a number of ways that your kids will find adorable and addictive as it allows them to come up with the craziest combinations. Much like when as kids we would play make believe with our actions figures but only better this time as they are brought to life with the power of their Gaming console of choice.

How to get Started?

To have kids start out in Lego Dimensions they will need the: LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack which contains all the basics to get them started.Its contains the Video Game disc that will bring things together, the  LEGO Gateway bricks with the Lego toy pad. The Pack also contains the characters as mentioned earlier: Batman, Gandalf, the Batmobile, and other characters from the Lego Movie just to start them off and there are many other characters for them to collect.

Once you set up the Gaming console with the Game in the drive and the Lego toy Pad attached all you have to do next is add one of the characters to the toy pad that’s connected to your Gaming console then the kids can start building away with instructions from the Game disc that will show them how to build the Gateway and the Batmobile from the included bricks. Once finished kids will unlock the cool toys they have build in game which is great as it gives them a sense of achievement. Plus there are lots more untouchables for them to achieve throughout the game.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack


The Story

The story behind this Game is that a evil time lord has recruited the worst villains from time and space to control the LEGO multiverse and its up to your kids along with there set of heroes to save the universe.

The Game contains many popular places from kids shows that they know and love such as Springfield, Middle Earth, Scooby Doo haunted mansion and more. Kids can explore these areas which is very intriguing as they get to actually run around the towns and places unlike on TV where they can only watch. They can also unlock and find hidden secrets as hey solve the puzzles for each area.

Through out the adventure they will be able to control great well beloved characters and use classic vehicles to explore, the Game also keeps evolving as the vehicles can be upgraded and redesigned. The toy pad is also very interactive and plays a big part in the Game as its needed to bring new Lego characters into the Lego world and interact with your characters to get through challenges.


Lego dimension is great for kids as it takes their love of Lego’s and brings them to life with the aid of the Gaming consoles that they already own and love, its packed full with interactive elements and builds on their already creative traits while bringing it all together like no other toy has before and that’s why this will make for a great gift for a kid especially a young boy that’s into Lego’s. If he already own a Game like a Xbox or PlayStation this is simply icing on the cake as the starter pack here will get him started on playing Lego dimensions and as time goes bye he can get addition lego pies and keep adding and playing this Game over and over as it will not get old due to how flexible legos can be, trust me there has never been a game like this for kids that’s so interactive and fun.

You simply cant go wrong if you pick this up as a birthday, holiday or gift for some other occasion for your child as it comes highly recommended.

Why you should get this As a Gift?

  1. Works with existing consoles e.g. Xbox and PlayStation or WiiU.
  2. Ideal for Kids that Love Lego
  3. Very interactive and fun
  4. Will bring hours of fun and will not get tiring easily like most Games.
  5. Build kids creativity and imagination.


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