Jenga Game

The Jenga game is a fun Game for kids and even adults and makes for a great kids gift as the objective of the Game is to stack the bricks without knocking the tower over in the process, it might sound simple but its a fun and addictive game that’s a whole lot of fun that kids will enjoy as they play which makes this a perfect kids gift.

How to Play Jenga?

To start playing the bricks are stacked alongside each other in sets of three (3) at the base and then on the initial three another set of three bricks are then placed on the initial set but they are placed facing the opposing direction of the original ones. You will then keep stacking them in sets of three alternating the direction each new layer is facing until a tower is built with the entire set of bricks.Once setup is complete and the tower is built then its time to play.

When the game starts each player on their turn tries to remove one brick from any part of the structure and the aim is to not to cause the tower to fall over, the removed bricks are then stacked on top making the tower even taller.At first it will be easy but as the tower grows and more bricks are removed it becomes more difficult, the game will continue as the players stack pulls and repeat the the procedure until the first one to cause the tower to fall over on their turn is the looser.

Whats in the Box?

The box contains 54 hardwood Jenga blocks for kids to play with that are very durable and well made from Hasbro and they are all branded with the Jenga marking.

Also included in the box are instructions on how to play for convenience and finally a stacking sleeve.

jenga game

The stacking sleeve is a simple cardboard backing to help you when stacking the bricks at the start of the game to build the tower properly, once the tower is built it can be removed before the start of a game.

That’s it for the contents of the package,the only question now is how well do you stack up against your friends and family?

Rules of the Game:

  1. You are not allowed to take bricks from the top of the pile.
  2. When you pull a brick out it must be placed on top of the file.
  3. If the tower falls on your turn you loose.

Why choose the Jenga game as a Gift?

jenga game

Jenga classic makes the perfect game gift for kids ages 6 years and older because it’s really fun and addictive and best of all its easy to play for either girls or boys alike. On top of all that its very easy to start playing and continue to play. Kids can learn to refine their motor skills while enjoying a game that’s filled with nail-biting moments and lots of suspense and anticipation which is clean family fun. You can get this as a gifts for the kids and yet everyone can benefit from this classic game of stacking bricks.

Why should you Get this Gift for your Kids?

1. Its a fun and addictive Game.

2. Very affordable.

3. Promote clean and healthy fun with Friends and Family.

4. Easy to learn to play and is suitable for ages 6 and older so everyone can join in on the fun.

Jenga Classic Game
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