Frozen Plush Dolls

Every little Girl loves Frozen and wish that they were an Ice princess like Elsa and her sister Anna due to the popularity of the Frozen Movie from Disney.The Frozen toys too are really popular especially the Frozen plush dolls which are all the rage for young Girls and its on this basis why Plush Dolls from Frozen would make for great Gifts for any occasion. They are soft, cute, cuddly and looks like their animated counter parts which ultimately make for great collectibles.

These toys are ideal for Birthdays, the Christmas holiday or a Gift that you can get a Grand child or nice who you have not seen in a while, the kids are sure to love the thought and will most likely wonder how you knew they love Frozen, but which little Girl is not right?

Frozen Plush Dolls

Disney Store Frozen Elsa & Anna Toddler Plush Dolls 12″ Bundle

frozen plush dolls

The Disney store Frozen Plush set seen here is a great version of the sisters Elsa and Anna that have been bundled together, each figure is a nice 12 inches and they are very detailed and look exactly like the characters down to the most minute detail. Little girls of all ages from 2 years and older will not be able to put these down during play time.

What I really like about this set is how much smaller and cuter the style of this set makes the sisters, its irresistibly adorable and the patterns on the dresses are quite intricate down to the stitch work and hair.

Don’t Forget Anna and Elsa’s Friends

The best thing about this frozen plush dolls set is that they are very affordable and you can also get some of Elsa and Anna’s friends to add to the fun such as  Olaf the adorable snowman:

frozen plush dolls

which is one of the more memorable characters that has a heart of gold and a nose that’s made of a carrot that you just cant miss. Most kids love this character and he also goes well with Sven the reindeer who has a very soft fur and is very flexible for kids to play with and reenact moments from the movie or create make believe moments of their own. The Antlers on is head along with the harness around is neck are well put together and show great craftsmanship.

frozen plush dolls

I really like is brown fur and the great look on Sven’s face which reminds me a lot of the movie.

The Disney Store Kristoff Plush Doll

frozen plush dolls

The set of Frozen Plush dolls would not be complete without prince charming himself Kristoff who is even more detailed and well done than the others from the set to exacting proportions down to is nice smile and rosy cheeks. This is a really high quality and original products that’s worth it overall.

I highly recommend that you get any combination of two or more of these frozen plush dolls as gifts based on your child’s favorite character or the one she identifies with the most, for most children that’s either Anna or Elsa which would be a great starting point, but whatever you ultimately choose should go over very well with the kids.

Why should you Get a Frozen Gift?

  1. Very popular.
  2. Well made.
  3. Soft and adorable
  4. Reasonably Priced.

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