Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

Do you know what never gets old? Games of course as they make perfect gifts for kids. Also you can get they a Game along with their favorite console it’s basically win win for you. But what to get them as a gift for a Birthday, holiday or some special occasion. How about one of the Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games. If you child does not own a Nintendo 3DS then you can always get them one. You can then get them games throughout the year just remember to bookmark this page.

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Best Nintendo 3DS Games

When we talk about the best Nintendo 3DS games these are all classics and kids everywhere want to get their hands on these hot titles which makes them ideal as presents especially in the holiday season.So here are the best ones:

Pokémon Sun and Moon

It seems Pokemon is on everyone’s mind now a days with the popularity of Pokemon Go. Things promise to even be more interesting with Pokemon Sun and Moon. You can play either version as Pokemon Sun takes place during the day and moon at night. Each game will contain unique versions of various Pokemon which can either be only caught in the day or night. The game itself has been totally re-imagined with all new region, Pokemon and game mechanics. New and old fans will have something to look forward to. You can read more about Pokemon Sun and moon here or buy a copy below.

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby is everyone’s favorite pink ball of fun that will charm its way into your heart, just watch. The latest games sees Kirby’s planet being invaded by a mechanized menace and it will be up to Kirby to suit up and take the threat head on in this latest adventure.

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

Kirby still has is signature moves of absorbing and copying enemies moves, but you will have all new puzzles, powers and a mix of old and new enemies to battle. Kirby has more than 25 abilities in this game alone and the Robobot armor that gives Kirby all new powers we all wish we had.Will you be helping Kirby take back is planet? get this game below.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

It’s the classic you might know remastered and recreated for the Nintendo 3Ds, so you know it’s a proven winner if your child loves adventure games. The tale is a timeless classic that involves time travel, puzzle solving and powers featured in a way only a Zelda game can. This is easily one of my favorite games that promises hours of game play. Every quest will be an adventure your child will remember for years.

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

You simply can’t go wrong with this game. This is my favorite of this list and you should at least check it out as its worth every penny you will pay for it.

Monster Hunter Generations

When you mention great Games you should always mention Monster Hunter. With any Monster hunter game you battle bigger than life monsters and turn the remains into super cool weapons to battle even cooler monsters. The game looks gorgeous and will appeal to the action adventurer in any child. You just got to love this game with its great design and spectacular graphics.

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

In Generations you will have improved hunting styles, arts and the ability to customize to combat that allows you to fine tune your game play like never before. There will be all new monsters that are as cool as they are fierce and you can really enjoy yourself and get lost in this game.

You cant go wrong with a Good Game as a gift for a Kid, if you want even more great game suggestions check these cool games out now.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

Ever wish you could create and play your own Super Mario levels? Well you can now do that in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. It’s easy to switch between create and play. You can share these creations with friend and even give their designed levels a try.

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

You can basically build whatever you want with elements we have come to know and love from Mario over the years. There are also tutorials that shows you how to do it all in case you have no clue. This one is a must try for all Mario fans and kids will love it as they can design and express their creativity as much as they want.

Dragon Ball Fusions

Best selling Nintendo 3DS Games

Dragon Ball Fusions is a great game created just for the 3DS. It’s a fun adventure that has the main characters mainly the kids go on an adventure based around a wish with the Dragon balls and they meet up with new and old characters from the show as kids. Will also feature never before seen fusions and cool situations in one crazy mash-up. If your kids are into Dragon ball or Dragon BallZ then this game is a must have for them.

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